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I guess it all depend on the Goal, STO point of view is very similar to mine.

I love tech, specially applied  tech, but today I do not see clear advantages on electronics pcp, and I do see a BIG disadvantage, that is dependability. Been a DIY guy, I hate to depend on third parties. If something electronic fails I am obligated to send the gun to repair (meaning weeks or months). Today if something in my airguns fails, I can fix it myself. (meaning just minutes or hours)

More than electronic pcp, I am following for a while into electronic scopes, I think that is really cool (as ATN), they still need more development (they have some issues) but every time I saw this video…my devil inside say BUY IT MF!! :) (I have been with my mouse in the PAY NOW option)

In that area I can see advantages over traditional scopes