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Not to be pretentious!, but what are your credentials?, WHY does DAYSTATE  have so much confidence in your abilities for precise feedback in testing, give us a little background on why DAYSTATE chose you for testing this barrel?, do you shoot competitively? Who tests a barrel in a “FULL VALUE” 15mph crosswind unless you already have a baseline of how it groups in Ideal conditions and at different yardages w/different pellet (lots, head dia. Weight etc.) in those Ideal conditions?, better yet wouldn’t all of this taken place months before barrels were put into production?, what’s different about this barrel?, did they ask you to “TEST” this barrel w/ slugs?, better yet show us how well it shot! I apologize if I miss interpreted what your post is concerning or what your trying to communicate to us. 


Good questions my friend, 


I was sponsored by Daystate a good few years ago for HFT when they released the Daystate Platinum , I moved from them to BSA and help design the BSA Goldstar  , I am currently the British Team Caption for the HFT and shoot in the World Championships all around the World . I work with Gunroom TV as a presenter for their shows and have worked lots with Fieldsports TV with Airgun and bullet gun . The reason I shot in a 15 MPH cross wind was purely because I got he barrel and was desperate to see what it was like . I did not want to wait , I just wanted to shoot it as you can imagine . As for slugs , we dont have any here at the moment in the UK  but I was talking wiht Pavel  at JSB at length about this very thing. I also test pellets for JSB and have done for a good while . I also work with Vortex  and am sponsored by them for HFT . I run the HFT Masters HFT competition in the UK and also Vice president of the WHFTO World Hunter Field Target Organisation . 

Hope that answers your questions buddy .