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If you can find a copy of Tom Gaylord’s “R1 Supermagnum” book, it’s an excellent general guide to taking apart a Weihrauch rifle. But it’s out of print and suffering from the usual preposterous online price inflation. Tom has also posted many excellent article about the HW 55 at his Pyramyd Air blog, definitely worth a look.

Here’s an excellent blog post on rebuilding the 55’s big brother, the HW 35. The 55 uses a similar threaded-on rear receiver section to the 35 and R1.

Both Jim Maccari and Vortek offer kits for the HW 55, which will include a spring, guide, and lubes. I’ve never used a Vortek but have had excellent luck with Maccari parts in the 55.

The 55 used the very same receiver as the original HW 50 sporter (NOT the same as the gun now sold under that name). In the old days, the 55 was sold new with a target-shooting spring giving around 600 FPS, but a common upgrade was to use a 50 spring giving a boost of 80 or so FPS. Both Vortek and Maccari’s kits will give a power boost over stock.

Unless it’s a very late production gun, it will have a leather piston seal. You can get conversion parts for plastic seals, but I’d keep the leather one if it’s in good shape. Depending on its age, the gun may have two, one, or none of the very thin breech shim washers shown in the HW 35 article. The leather breech seal is also a tricky animal to replace, but they hold up extremely well, I seldom have to fool with them.

If you can tell me the gun’s approximate serial number, I can offer some more details. I am NOT an expert mechanic in general, but I do own, and have worked on, a stupid number of HW 55’s. PM me and we can chat by email if you prefer.