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I’m personally worried about the lead also as my 21 month old boys swab test showed 5ppm and now they wish to test his blood. I’ve been a lot more careful about washing hands, not transferring any.

Children absorb 70% they eat whereas adults absorb only 20%.

lead only leeches until that white oxidized coating is on the pellets.

If shooting indoors in basement like I sometimes do when mounting a new scope or switching one micro particles are blown out. I suspect these to be the culprit. Just look in a shroud, baffles, etc. It’s not long before a build up occurs.

  I have my main outdoor target set up to catch all big pieces. Any dust thrown off is caught on the (2) 6×10’ fake lawn carpets. 

I’ve had great accuracy with the copper or plated pellets but not sure price is worth them. Don’t know if    new GTO will replace lead. Reported great accuracy but retained longer distance energy? I can’t think of anything as good as lead and air guns are already short range limited.