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I would rather take 2, 3 dry shots before starting a shooting session than to try fixing it and making it worse. I think it happens in many guns but in cse of an Impact the creep gets noticed due to a reg guage.

I have a huma reg in my Marauder. The pressure read the reg pressure. I set to 1800psi and it holds 1800 psi for weeks and even months without shooting. No leaks or creeps. So it's not cause the impact has a reg gauge that people are now noticing. Imo for a $2000 gun it should hold pressure for a month before it creep a bit. But people having creep like overnight. 

Just my opinion yes it's a top dollar gun and should be perfect in each respect, but in this case the headache linked with all the effort to fix this issue is far more than just shooting 2 dry shots before every shooting session and enjoying.