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When the skunks start to cause issues I set up for kills on plastic. I lay down a large piece of plastic and use peanut butter for bait. All my shots are at night. I place a Harbor Freight motion sensor near, and yes it still stinks. I sleep on the recliner in the family room and have a kitchen window up and a piece of cardboard with a drop door cut in it. The tripod is set up and ready to go. When the sensor wakes me it is time for action. Step 1 is a pellet through the brain. Step 2 is head for the kill with nitrile gloves and old shoes. Step 3 pull the plastic together from the corners and drop it in a trash can that already has a heavy contractor plastic bag in it. The bag gets sealed with a zip tie and stuffed into a large cat litter can. Next, drop the clothes and hit the shower because even though you got no spray on you the stink will be in your clothes and hair. I take head shots only even though it is almost a certainty he will spray. If you take a body shot you better hope he drops before he gets under your deck of your neighbors shed. Cause iffin he gets away you better hope he gets far far far away or you are a gonna hear about it. If by chance you happen to get some on you it can be neutralized with 3% hydrogen peroxide. When dealing with skunk spray you need to move quickly.