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On my impact x 25 Cal there is only 11 bv washer. Is that correct or am I missing some. I'm guessing new impact has only 11? I'm sure I didn't drop any when I took it out. 

You'll likely have the latest regulator, it is a bit different in size compared to the previous models. The newer regulators have thicker/bigger BV washers, and can handle a wider pressure range.

People who know me never would have thought, but my Impact X regulator is still stock 😄 

I just never felt the need to take it apart, it works flawless. (Just about all regulators will creep ever so slightly over time)

I bought my impact like a month ago. I believe it's the one with the amp reg. But even with the new reg it creeps overnight. I usually just dry fire 1-2 to get it back to normal. I give this mod a try, just use the 11 bv washers that was in it. Didnt have any flat washer, so just double stack the bv washes. Will see if it holds tomorrow.