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Creep is caused by air weeping through microscopic imperfections in the regulator’s valve seat.  The only reliable way I have found to remedy a creeping regulator is to dress the two sides of the valve seat. 


One side is usually hard plastic (e.g. Delrin) and the other is usually metal (typ. brass or stainless steel).  They need to be dead flat, parallel to each other, and polished free of any scratches.  If all it needs is polishing, I’ve managed with nothing more than a thick piece of glass as a backer for wet/dry sandpaper, and a few careful strokes against 400, 600, 1200, and 2000 grit.


Note some regulators have a replaceable plastic piece and that’s convenient to try if you have the option.  Ninja paintball regulators are the most familiar example.  There’s a little plastic ball that’s press-fit into the regulator piston.  You can pop it out from behind and snap a new one in.  So long as the conical seat on the reg body is in good shape, that will usually solve the problem.  Like any new reg, it will need to be cycled a bit for the fresh surface to wear in.  Not 2000 times though :)


FYI, it remains mysterious to me how reconfiguring the Belleville stack has any bearing on creep.  If it works, that’s all that matters but I cannot explain it.