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The NRA (or any organization for that matter) is not perfect. Even so, they are the most powerful national lobby around protecting your 2nd Amendment rights. If you don't join them, how do you expect to influence them to protect your rights?  Choosing not to own firearms still means you get to be a responsible adult and make a choice. Same thing goes for big bore, powerful air rifles. I read a lot of division in the comments above. What about protecting everyone's right to make a choice (small caliber, large caliber, powder burner, silencer,etc)? Isn't that what the discussion is really about?

To think that any corporation or industry has the public interest at heart, I would like to harken back to yesteryear and the YouTube "algorithm adjustment" of 'ought-18 when many airgun channels were shut down (along with firearm channels) by the "public media industry."

One thing missing from all the comments I have seen so far in these "threat to our freedom" threads: vote. Vote in every election you are elligible to vote in. Register to vote in primaries, local elections, etc. If you live in Chicago, vote early, and vote often, as the joke goes. 😀  If all you do is wring your hands and wait for somebody else to fix what you see as wrong, and you don't/didn't vote, you got out exactly what you put in. A lot of people suffered without the ability to chose, got sick of it, and fought/died so we could vote and chose. Waste that opportunity at all of our collective peril.

I'm an NRA member, I support the 2nd Amendment (along with the Constitution and all the other Amendments), I like having choices, and I vote every chance I get. Airguns are awesome, and I will do everything I can to protect ALL of the many choices available within the hobby.