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I agree with you guys 100%. I have never had an issue with crosman. They definitely set the bar. I have been using there products almost my entire life. You need a part call them, they will find it for you. Send an email, you get a response probably with in the hour or sooner. They released the fortitude, and found problems and pulled the remaining stock to correct that. Not many companies do that. Others would have just sold out what they had. Maybe fix the problem the next run, if at all. Go to their website and look at the price of products,then go look at all the websites that sell their products. You might notice that the people who carry their products list below crosman site. Most companies do the opposite, so they must care about others in the industry, instead of making ALL of the money, looks to me they spread it around. Also, us members of this forum get a 25% discount!!!! Who else does that? If this was a motorcycle forum, I doubt Harley Davidson would give me 25% off a bike and then ship it for FREE on Friday, and send me replacement parts with just a phone call.