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This little gun is absolutely the balls. Love it.  It was my birthday present to myself and I applaud my good taste.  I mounted an MTC Optics Viper Connect 3-12X24 scope. If you are not familiar with this model it is designed specifically for no recoil rifles like a PCP so the eye relief is extremely short which makes the field of view wide despite a small objective. Great glass, very clear and sharp. It was warm enough to go outside so I got to shoot at 25 yards. I had it sighted in with one magazine. After that I had time enough to shoot 2 more magazines of JSB 18.1 gr pellets. They all stacked in one hole pretty much. All 30 shots were in the 852 –  860 fps range. The trigger is outstanding right out of the box. I did not have a lot of time, but I really wanted to at least try it out. A thoroughly enjoyable experience. It is really an amazing little rifle. Light, fast, goes to the shoulder well and darn accurate 

Excellent choice! What works really well on this setup is the Aero Precision ultralight single piece mount!