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What is scary will be when people make PCP guns with 3D printers and the wrong material is used or there is flaws in the process and the average person does not have the equipment to inspect for the flaws. They end up having a catastrophic failure. It ends up injuring them or some one else. The kind of pressures PCP's have is nothing to toy with and a lot of engineering and testing goes into the valve system. I worked in the hydraulics area and have had reports of people making a mistake and putting on a incorrect fitting which increased pressure so much the cylinder blew apart and killed a person. Hopefully people will realize it is not simple and it is complicated.    

Is there a mistake? Using 3D printers To manufacture compressed air tanks? You are right, there have been very bad cases that have happened, there are cases of losing their lives, because they have overlooked the safety issue and have no necessary understanding.