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This is fun! can I play too?

1- I think on FX there is a PRE Ernest and Post Ernest time…time will tell (meaning lots of improvements on quality)

2- FX strategy of announcing things that are not ready to market or not tested enough is "polemic" for sure but as for the strategy/comercial point of view is not bad at all. For sure will it disappoint some, is understandable. Hope they do not dish some projects, but from the manufacturer point of view is a good problem to have,

3- The car analogy like it better thinking on F1, or Nascar, or something like that…where do you get a car like that…no where, you need to tune it. If you want a Ferrari , go for Daystate!, But I totally understand the disappointment

4- For me, the impact is not a US$2.000 AG, for me is a $4.000 AG, BUT, if you consider the modularity and all the things you get with US$4.000 we are talking of about 6 Different airguns in just 1!! (0.177, 0.22, 0.25, 0.30, Slug liner 0.22, SlugLiner 0.25 as today) and tomorrow will add 0.375 (so basically 4000/6= 666 jajaja the devil!) donno less than US$700 for each, considering the features and accuracy, for me that is a freaking cheap gun ;) 

5- Customer service and tech service: how many can reach the head tech engineer in other brands? Several of us had spoken with ER, service always answer emails and send spare parts or what you need (if available) 

6- Info available, I  have learn EVERYTHING I know on the impact, just looking over this forum (great people around here!, and the reason I post now, giving back) and over the net..plenty of info…including the bad things. That is something that I can not say of other brands (at least when I start searching in order to decide if I buy an FX Impact). And post sale info, great too. Ernest also help me a lot with his videos and via email.

Anyway, regarding the 0.357 impact…nice to have, but better than that is the power that the impact mk2 can develop in all calibers, like it a lot, I am already in the waiting list.