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I wonder what that would do to a pigeon. 😉

Can someone explain me how they can make an 140fpe Impact and in the same time unable to make a liner for .30? 

Fx begin to tired me with this commercial strategy…. some owner wait for more than a year for a liner

I don't said Fx make bad rifles. i don't said they don't must make other models, But a bit of respect for people who paid 2000€ a rifle can be a good thing. 

i believe we are the pigeon…….


Nailed it. You see, its all fine when FX announces something and takes a year or longer to SLOWLY bring product to the market, but if anyone else does, they're shamed, criticized, thrown under the bus, taken down a peg, and generally are never forgiven for such practices…while FX is more times than not praised for such practices. The double standards some have are strong.


The 'add-on' frenzy that will come with these modular systems are cash grabs. There will be much more to come, so if you fancy your money, just wait it all out…IMO. The timeline from the FX impact X release to the FX Impact MKll was less than 1 year…you basically got played if you bought an Impact X…because I bet the bank they aren't upgrading parts for free, let alone at a reasonable cost.



I agree or we can boycott, because if someone act like this effectivly he risk to have big problem…

When you drive a Porsche or Ferrari, do you accept that the garage is no longer oil during the revision? can be a week without problems. But after? I have an Impact, I had a Boss. A crown. A wildcat. A cyclone. But I'm pretty sure I'll stop there !! I bought a stx .30 to shoot slugs. Did you see the color? and now we come out a new model that is the same with a canon .35 while the others are not even finished! Who are you laughing at? I have nothing against coming out of new models. Improvements, I have nothing against paying 2000 euros a rifle is a choice, but I want the service that goes with it. Remember, it's the customers who make a mark. And they must be laughing. I like novelty and technological progress. I'm happy if Fx makes money. But not to my detriment. We tolerate the intolerable coming from a so-called big brand