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In 2010 I experimented with what I termed "Tube pellets" hand drilled in similar manner to what you are trying.

Here is a report I wrote at the time.  Note that I used felt cleaning pellets to seal the air in the passage up the barrel. But the pellets did shoot very well to 15 to 20 yards without the cleaning pellet seal.  They didn't expand in birds any better than best hollow points; the hole tended to fill with tissue and recovered pellets had the tube plugged with meat. But there was a deal of variability.

Anyway, you might find the experiment of interest inthe light of your objective.  I'm sorryif the pics don't open as I have allowed my subscriptionto lapse.

Please enjoy the read: 

  Quote:   " Pellet design…What would happen if."… The question was asked (bottom of page) … +happen+if….. First question: Will a tube pellet shoot and group? I have last night returned home from the bush, read this this morning, and as LD and I had discussed this some years ago, I did a pilot study for Ron. Only had 15 yards here today but here is the result. Three .22 cal Predator pellets had their polymer tips removes and then they were hand drilled thus: Predator pellet and with tip removed – [/IMG] Pellet drilled with felt cleaning pellet wad for sealing the bore to drive the pellet through the barrel – [/IMG] A group of three de-tipped Predators were shot into the lower group one hole and one drilled pellet with wad follower was shot – top hole in the POA – [/IMG] A second drilled "tube" pellet was shot touching the first – [/IMG] A third drilled pellet was shot to form a 3 shot "group of "tube" pellets – [/IMG] The group formed a tad higher than the untreated pellets which may or may not be because of diminished weight. The hand drilling was not perfectly centred so some improvement could be anticipated. But there is little indication of yaw. Shot from sitting on the ground with a rest on a chair. BSA Hornet (Bowkett) .22 cal shooting at around 890 fps when last tested with JSB 15.9 gr Exacts. MV would be similar with the untreated de-pointed Predators but unknown with the drilled "tube" pellets + felt chaser. The felt cleaning pellets landed on the ground about half way to the target. So, the first answer is that a pellet with a hole through it can be shot to a tight group at 15 yards from a less than "benched" shooting position. They appear to stabilize well. These were the only shots taken and are not selected from a number. Make of it what you will Ron and all, but it is interesting and I shall extend the test range when possible. … I may even do a "Myna bird damage comparison test" when opportunity prevails. Will they cut a neat hole? Turn sideways? Expand? Only testing will tell. Hope this is of some interest … Kind regards, Yrrah. Harry, "

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Best  regards, Harry. YRRAH.

Edit:  the result of the bird test showed no advantage over a good hollow point or the Predator with tip. The tube hole filled with flesh and the pellet did not expand any better. But that may be quite variable. … H.