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Hi there!


I have a vulcan2 in .22cal that i bought in order to have more autonomy than my vulcan tactic mk4 .25cal (45shots) and i have some doubts about it. Right out of the box it is shooting five 18gr magazines at 875fps, which are 60 shots. These numbers does not seems good to me….i expected about 90/100 shots at 890/900fps. The regulator is about 110bar that is when the speed starts to going down (i have not a reg tester).


With the HST i can not change the speed more than +/-10 fps. Are the HST of vulcan2 only for fine tunning? in my other guns i only have to work on the HST to change the speed at all range…


Whats going wrong with my gun?? others i saw on the internet has the numbers i spected from mine… how can i do to get a better shotcount?


I am very happy with the accuracy but also dissapointed about the numbers…so i wonder if you could help me with that.

A picture of my vulcans:





Based on the specifications posted on, you're getting better performance than advertised.

TT shows that at 31 FPE– which is what you say you're getting — 45-50 shots are expected for the Vulcan2 .22 caliber.

You say "I am very happy with the accuracy". For many experienced airgunners, accuracy trumps energy level.

You have 2 fine rifles. I have no doubt that you will enjoy them immensely.