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Thanks for the replies guys, I haven't actually gotten the gun yet, But I have been doing some heavy reading and watching videos as I always do before, waiting to receive and after being received any gun I have ever bought. Dirty Dovi, it is already in the back of my mind about replicating a trigger blade for this gun. I am pretty sure the trigger blade that comes stock looks to be screwed to the body of the trigger mech inside. At least that's what it looks like as there is a screw at the top of the trigger blade. The adjustment for pull weight and travel is behind the trigger.I have a small piece of flat aluminum stock that would be perfect for this and it will be easier to work with.


Gonzav71 if IT DOES look like the trigger assembly shown, I will go that route and just replace it . I have ordered from them before for Wiehrauch HW97k parts.