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I hate to be contrary here, but this is an example of a very professional, beautifully executed example of poor engineering. Mounting anything to the most frail part of a very beautiful factory stock is a really bad idea. Mounting a rail to the bottle is much stronger and more stiff than the frail stock. A bottle mount positions the bipod further forward, which is another advantage and is easily adjustable.

@steve-l Thank you for posting your contrary opinion in a constructive and respectful way. It's a good example of how to disagree with someone so that we all learn and advance our sport together!

I can't say I disagree with you. There's just something in me that does not like the idea of using a pressurized vessel as an anchor point. Maybe there's nothing wrong with it depending on the application. Resting a gun on a shooting bench and not really moving around much, isn't much stress. But, I haven't seen a good option for mounting a bipod to the bottle via pic rail. I've seen the Dr. Bob's sling stud and, I've also seen the 3D printed version (which might work well). Have you tried either of these and had good results, or something else?

BTW, I spoke with the heads of Daystate about this. It's a gorgeous stock with some of the most beautiful lines I've ever seen. But, I told them, "(we) need to mount a rail to it. Give (us) a flat spot or a built in rail to work from." It doesn't look like the new Lighting or Safari stocks have changes in this area. I can understand that for many different reasons. Maybe the next top tier Daystate air rifle will have this detail considered into its design. 

Cheers! Tom