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So i am new to this site, saw this thread and thought i would report. I bought this unit last week and played with it and the companion app a little. Seems like the app at least does not go above 570ish fps. Which was disappointing, but when i loaded some HN piledriver 177s into a Remington varmint springer to get velocity in that range, it performed exactly as the one seen on giles video of the fx prototype, the app seems nearly identical as well, and i would not at all be surprised if the device is not the limiting factor, but rather the programing, and that fx is using this same unit and addapting the same app.  


It does work nicely at those lower velocites and i hope the to be released fx app will allow this device to sync with it, but we shall see. 

I have not really taken time to see if there is any other support or modifications out there for it, so perhaps there may be a way to tweak the app to read higher velocity, or some firmwear upgrade for the unit itself that i don't know of