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So, I got home as the sun was going down. Got it out of the box, threw a scope on it and did a hasty zero at 28m. This won’t be a review, that will come after some time with it. I will tell you what I noticed right off the bat though.

The book that comes with it is very dated. Looks to be one printed around the launch of the Bobcat. You’ll read nothing about newer models, regulator adjustment… or the Dreamline. Small gripe but for the money…

Best finish I’ve seen yet on a recent FX model. It rivals my Royale.Both the finish on my Impact and wildcat were poor. Both were purchased late 2017 timeframe. My Royale was an older model and the finish on it is very nice.

It’s long. Nuff said about that. 

And the barrel… it clanks on the air cylinder. Set it down gently…clank. Brush it on a curtain…clank. Pretty sure if you move the rifle fast, you’ll get a resounding clank.

 First time I pulled the cocking lever back… no way. I have always judged cocking a rifle against my Royale. For me, that’s the standard. Gotta say, Dreamline is now the standard. It is very very smooth. And that trigger…!

Now to the most important bit. Did a hasty zero with Jsb’s at 28 meters, made a new target, and moved out to 50 m. Rifle was shot as it came to me. I made no changes at all. I also did not clean the barrel. I prefer not to clean the barrel initially.All groups are 5 shots. Pellets used were JSB 10.34’s, and H&N 10.65’s. Straight from fresh unopened tins. Two groups at 50 with the JSB’s, one with the H&N’s. Then one each at 28m. I am very pleased with these. My Impact was also .177. It was the non X barrel and it shot very well. This rifle is every bit as accurate in its current dirty barrel non adjusted state.