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Inexpensive, simple, and CHEAP are not four-letter words. And as I've written before (more than once), not only is simplicity the hallmark of good design, but as pertains homespun gunsmithing, simple designs often respond incredibly well to simple modifications. 

For example, the 1950s-vintage Crosman 160 .22 Co2 rifle pictured below possesses the world's simplest trigger/sear design; so simple the trigger and sear are one and the same piece! But employing the most BASIC trigger-smithing techniques (of stoning, polishing and moly-lube) resulted in a crisp, creep-free break under two pounds, and (consequently) State Champion titles and National Record certificates for the half-century old pellet rifle… captured at the expense of the finest European springers produced in the new millennium (Air Airms, Weihrauch, and Whiscombe). BTW, this Sears & Roebuck variant of the Crosman 160 sold for less than THIRTY BUCKS brand new.

So after reading this post, I have a question for you. Do you feel any better about your brand of insanity now?