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I have a question about parts compatibility. I have a Gamo .22 Urban and I broke the safety somehow during cross country shipping for a custom Clague pringersshroud, not sure when it happened but now I want to fix it. Gamo USA says the trigger assembly is not a stock part, I have to send it in for warranty fix or replace. But since I have removed the stock moderator, installed a new custom shroud and Huma regulator I'd rather avoid the shipping to Gamo for a trigger assembly. By the time I pay for shipping for the rifle I can almost pay for a new trigger assembly from across the pond. Here's the issue, the Urban part number from the PDF I have is 36009. Looking on line at Airgunspares I find a Buccaneer assembly and a Coyote assembly. They look identical with different part numbers, 36006 and 16-9352 respectively. The Gamo and Buccaneer numbers 36009 and 36006 seems like it could be a typo but even if not, I'm guessing that the parts are all the same or the very least interchangeable. Just different numbers for different countries/markets/brand names. Anyone out there have any experience using Buccaneer or Coyote parts in the Urban?

My understanding of the differences between the Buccaneer and the Coyote are, that apart from the stock, the triggers are different as well. The Buccaneer uses the Gamo 2nd generation springer type and the Coyote uses the later 3rd generation type. I hope this helps, finding the parts you need. Beware, the installation of your after market parts, may have voided the warranty. I have a schematic of the Coyote that I will try to upload.