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Instead of looking for a place to fill. Why not buy a Yong Heng. They are like $260 free shipping on eBay. They fill in minutes. Really fast. Hand pumps are $100 to $250 and a lot of effort pumping. I would go with Yong Heng. Never worries about finding a fill source anymore. Your only worry now is stocking up on pellets.

I see you can afford a fx gun which is in the thousands of dollars. But can't afford a Yong Heng? Smh.

dude who said I cant afford a 300 dollar compressor??? maybe I dont want a Chinese shit compressor if I buy a compressor I will spend the money and get a good one and also has a good resale value. this is my first gun and I wanna make sure I use it enough or get more guns to justify another 1500