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Hi Folks, this is Paul here and have been in love with airguns from my young days. Those days, all I had access were to Springer’s and had never ever heard of a pcp.
Thanks to the world wide web where info started pouring in as time passed. Bought my first pcp 10 years back and have been tweaking and tuning them ever since. When I had purchased my pcp, didn’t have the machines to perform the mods. Had to request machinists and wait for months to get what I wanted, my way. Not the sellers fault as he had to mass produce and would not give ear to those minute changes or the way I wanted things. So I came up with my little custom shop (pcptunes) where I could customize jobs to my needs and peers preferences. Goal has always been to perform the mods and manufacture accessories at a competitive price, without compromise on quality thereby promoting the hobby. Obviously have a family to take care so margins are in place but yeah as I said, competitive prices :) Have not reached my milestone yet as volumes are low and so the production cost stays higher. Someday !!!  Great to be with all you folks who share the same interest of airgun shooting. I have had my hands on most of the pcp’s in the market except some of the new ones. Hope to share as much info I can for the welfare of the forum members and to learn more as technology evolves. Have been a silent follower of Ted’s videos as I have found them to be fun and very informative.