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“BitFrost”Which caliber should I choose? I’m torn between the .22 and the .25.
I like the .25s length and how it most likely will still punch quite hard down range, but I’m told the .22 caliber in general will shoot more straight and therefor longer.
My needs are long range accuracy and smackingpower. 150 meters would be awesome.

The two guns will both shoot at around 900 ft/sec.  Frequently, when you ask which caliber is the flattest shooting, you get told that lower calibers shoot flatter.  And, this would be the case if the power was equal across all calibers, and the only difference was the barrel.  BUT, given that larger caliber pellets [generally] have larger ballistic coefficients, if the muzzle velocity is the same, the larger calibers will shoot flatter.  So, will the .25 WildCat shoot a LOT flatter than the .22 – no.  It will likely shoot a little flatter, given that the BC of JSB .25 Kings is a little higher than the JSB 18.1 and 15.9.  But, if the size and power of the .22 would fit your needs better, then you should absolutely opt for that caliber.