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Steve has it right.  Adding MOA to your scope will not effect your reticle.  The reticle is set depending on where you zero your scope.  There is no set zero, it can be whatever you want it to be.  If you want more holdover zero the scope at 75 yards or 100.  You can do what Steve does or you could use a ballistic app that will give you multiple zeros that will increase your holdover potential.  Using the 3rd mil or hash mark zero eliminates the use of the variable power option on your scope unless you are using a FFP.   That is the downside to using Steve’s system.  I prefer to set my zero at the crosshairs, then choose a reticle that has around 160 yards of holdover and not worry about it.   

Speaking in real world terms holdover with an airgun past 160 yards is not really the best system.  I believe at that range you are better off using the turret.  That is where the FX no limit rings come in handy.  The FXNL will allow you to bottom out your turret then get a very close zero by canting the scope.  Then you can fine tune the zero with the turret.  Most good scopes will give you around 60 MOA of adjustment.  That is often 30MOA up and 30 down (or somewhere close)  With the FXNL you could get 50 MOA up turret adjustment which could push some calibers out past 250 yards of dope.