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Tony I put a 20 MOA one piece mount on my new vulcan, it works perfectly.  I would be okay with a flat mount too. Here’s the thing that a lot USA shooters don’t know about the MTC connect.  It is the most perfect scope for a bullpup.  The biggest problem with bullpups can be cheek weld and parallax error.  The connect scope is without equal in that it will not have parallax error especially when the shooter uses the eye cup.  The scope is light compact and it really fits well on a small gun.  Since most bullpups are equipped with the picantinny rail it makes sense to tailor that connect scope for bullpups.  In my conversations with other airheads they don’t like the mounting options for the connect.  Many that I talk to feel that stacking two rings back to back does not provide with the most secure mounting.  To me this is where the connect mount would help sell this scope.