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What do the Wildcat offer that the Bobcat does not?  I thought the Wildcat was a watered down version of the Bobcat?  


Not at all.  The WildCat is a different gun built for a different purpose.  It lacks the shot-count and features of the Bobcat, but the result is a reduction in weight and size.  Power and accuracy should be comparable.  So, the question isn’t which one is better, but rather which one will be better for my purposes.  I honestly think that the WildCat is a better suited gun for most shooters.

So it’s lighter weight, lack the shot count, cost less and lack other features of the BC?  Not saying one is better than the other but it seems that if you had the BC (hypothetically speaking) there would be no need to get the WC.  But then again I have a duplicate gun in the same caliber so just disregard anything I said LOL