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It is really sad that PayPal will not prevent a crime/scam. (Justice is blind) Reguardless of what you are buying. They do not govern the legality or the morality of any purchase. They are there simply to ensure a safe a reliable transaction is completed. 


Seller gets paid!  Buyer gets the item/service!

Someone should to file a class suit against PayPal violating/discriminating against the 2nd Amendment! If you can get sued for refusing service to Gays? Then you should be able to sue PayPal for refusing service to gun owners!
It is still a form of prejudice!

Did you actually read this thread? If so how do you think PP should rule? The OP paid his money and the gun was shipped. The OP "thought" the seller mis-represented the gun. He thought the shroud was "custom". I sent him pic and my WC .177 has a shroud this is almost identical. He even agreed that he thought it had FX modular pieces on the end which he was unable to get off. It was apparently purchased from AOA but the OP did NOT call them to see if it was factory, or custom. He was using the "diagnosis" of an LDC maker who I don't think even saw the gun in person.

When AOA sells guns they list the LDC's they install as NON-REMOVABLE due to the thread sealer they put on them during assembly.


To sum it up, the seller says gun is stock, and looks stock according to what I have. But the OP says it's not, and did not contact AOA to see if it was. How would YOU rule if you worked for PayPal?