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Wildcat all the time, more suitable for the forest i live, Impact its great, nevertheless i prefer Wildcat for hard work, i like the shape and stock also…the shoot count of the Impact is the main atraction… the dreams, i only have 8 joules springers (russian ij38) my country dont sell weapons of any kind…the day i shoot a dove at 40 yards i make a party!! 122 yards!! Wtf i have the pellets, hawke chairgun, don't have the weapon :( i am happy for you al.

I feel bad for you Jose. This is why communism and socialism  must be crushed as soon as it rears its ugly head. Once they take away your right to bear arms, it's only a matter of time before you have no rights. This is why when we say God Bless America,  it comes from the deepest reaches of our soul. Also the reason why we will fight to the death to protect that one right, that protects all others.