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Lighter pellets, more affected by the wind, assuming both pellets are the same profile, why?  A heavier pellet (all other things equal to include same air rifle with the same settings) has a better Ballistic Coefficient.  With very short range shots (25 meters or less) the difference might not stand out.  But if you are shooting 50 to 150 meters, the difference is night and day.  Keep in mind you can mock this up in Chairgun Pro.  I have found the theoretical numbers it comes up with aren't too bad of a match for what I measure at the range. 

One other piece of the pie, pellets are more accurate when they are fired at a specific range of velocities.  So if the heavy pellet does not reach that velocity, it may prove less accurate.   i.e. not all guns shoot the JSB exact king 33.95 grains as well at the lighter 25.39 grain pellets.