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Thanks for the information! 

Well I took my barrel liner out and one of the o-rings got hung up in the barrel. So I used my air compressor to blow it out from the breach end.

But 2 o-rings came out?
One really small o-ring. (Had No idea where it came from) So I put it aside. After that I watching Steve's video on the FX Impact he stated: "Do not Dry fire the gun to get the barrel O-ring out because there is a small O-ring that live between the stainless part and the brass part of the barrel." (I didn't dry fire the gun but I guess using the compressor had the same effect)

So I tried to reinstall the o-ring myself.

Seems like I got it back in. But now the pellets do not load properly. They become hung up as the probe pushes it in.

I know this is a gray area if it might be covered under warranty or not? But I need to get the barrel tube checked out and restored. prior to getting my slug liner.

Hopefully it won't be a expensive mistake. I read the manual and it never talked about the removal of the liners.


Again thank you for the information!