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  I tried an idea this morning I got from a case lube pad for reloading brass cartridges. For the folks that don't reload it's basically a foam pad covered with cloth in a metal tray that you spread case lube on, then roll the empty clean cases on before resizing. the lube makes the resizing process easier.

 I took a box that is about 8 X 10" and glued a piece of tyvek for an oil barrier (a plastic bag would work) with spray adhesive, then took a lint free blue paper shop towel and laid it on top of the tyvek and sprayed it with Royal Purple synthetic lube then poured in a tin of freshly washed pellets and rolled them around on the towel. If this method works out okay I'll buy a smooth bottom plastic tray with a lid so I don't have to worry about it becoming saturated with lube and making a mess.