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Gadballs, the daystate comes setup like that, din300 on the tank end of the hose. My plan is to add a short hose from compressor to filter but I'm not sure what type fitting that outlet connector to the hose is. All I really need is maybe a 1 ft  line from compressor outlet to a female QC for the second filter.

Tibor, the daystate 110v is the nuvair/coltri mch6 without the bells and whistles. It even has an empty ring holder where that catridge filter is supposed to mount. If you have the coin, I'd go with the coltri mch6 and not have to be rigging up a 2nd filter. Not sure but I think the regular mch6 also has the auto set/shutoff.

  In my case, just getting into pcp, startup cost was getting out of hand. Gun, tank, compressor, etc. so I just chose  the best compressor I could afford. My biggest fear now is when I die, the wife will unload all my gear for what I told her it cost, lol.



So the Daystates come with just the separator and no filter? I get it now. I looked at one on-line and see what you're saying. I didn't realize AoA's DS comp(the lowest priced one) didn't come with the filter tower. I guess that's one reason for the lower price. Coltri makes nice stuff. A buddy has had one for 15+ yrs. and other than reg. sched. maint. he's never had to touch it. BTW, one last question: does your filter have any type of pmv(press. maint. valve)? Reason i ask is this type of filter needs to have a build-up of pressure to work properly. Just blowing air thru them doesn't let the media work as well.