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Matt just wrote Side Shot got permission from FX to produce it and FX designed it years back, but he don't know the full story.

Could be, who knows, these guys all seems close and have a business to protect, to be fair sometimes products are in the pipeline for years. Or maybe I pushed some buttons so they felt they had to market it fast somehow, good for airgunners! Or maybe they just saw a good idea and rushed to do something.

In my opinion the right thing to do, is at least to reply when someone reaches out, it also seems they made the product simplest possibly way, mine mounts to the rifle bottle thread, easy to change from one till two bottle setup and back, it looks like you need to disassemble the rifle to install the Side Shot/FX model , and I don't see any valves?

Side Shot should be velcome to contact me, so you all can get the best possible product? I mean for 449,- what else should you expect.