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Many of us use the SCBA tanks without any kind of restricting valves between the gun and the tank.  The secret is to barely crack open the SCBA valve until you see the gauge needle begin to SLOWLY move.  The knob on the tank will turn through a partial turn prior to air actually coming out of the tank. The needle will stop when the tank and airgun equalize.  At that point, gently open the SCBA valve a little more until the needle moves again up to your desired fill pressure.  By barely opening the SCBA valve, if you miss the point where the tank and gun equalize, you still have control of the fill speed up to your selected fill pressure. Never try to fill your gun fast and NEVER take your hand off of the SCBA valve knob.  Pay attention to what you are doing and don't talk to others while filling your gun and you should never have any trouble.  Practice opening the SCBA valve without any gun connected to the tank.  Yes, some air will be wasted as it begins to hiss as it leaves the tank, but you can then learn how to handle the valve and keep control of the air being released.