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" Man, that sucks, Fukochan! I can vouch for Fukochan, he's a stand-up guy. I have had dealings with him in the classifieds and he is solid. He even tacked-on (unsolicited) extra $ to my PayPal to cover fees! He's a thoughtful guy and I would have absolutely no qualms about doing business with him again. "


 Nothing against fokochan ( maybe you can help explain tho?).

Marcella AKA Animalhitkid ,

Why the name change?  You keep making odd posts.

"new here"  was one but your only new in screen name right?

I'm sure you have done business with fokochan ( well no I am not ) but not off the ads here as you've not been a member that long.   Always nice to use a real name on a refference, or it isnt.

 Now all your new name posts are cheerful happy & helpful   ………..   " start a class action lawsuit"   WAAAAAA ?

 And now you are kind enough to use one of your names to try to stick up for (? that's what your doing right?)  a deal you had nothing to do with.

  Would I personally but from you, no.  Sell to you, no. ( and hey that doesnt effect anything so no worries) but now you have close personal friends & refferences on this forum. But for some reason it looks like you are pretending to be someone other than yourself, and by attaching your name to them,  welp, I'd sure have to ask them about that before engaging in business.

In did send you a PM, drop me a note  and set me straight eh?