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After finishing the chrono test series on Airgun Fan, I once again found myself looking at the little 760-D Pumpmaster. Still frustrated with myself for clear coating the stock before sanding the excess gloss black over wash off it first. So I unscrewed the butt stock and got out a bit of 800-grit emery paper. Then cleaned up the checkering with a bit of Scotchbrite green pad. Just sanding the high spots enough to let the medium brown plastic show through. This allowed a sharper contrast with the molded-in grain details by Crosman, now filled in gloss black. I then wiped it down good and recoated it with True oil. After sitting a day or so, here then, are the mo0re proper results of my over wash process;

  Gotta do the forestock yet, but lightly on it. Here's a before shot for comparison;