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Man, that sucks, Fukochan! I can vouch for Fukochan, he's a stand-up guy. I have had dealings with him in the classifieds and he is solid. He even tacked-on (unsolicited) extra $ to my PayPal to cover fees! He's a thoughtful guy and I would have absolutely no qualms about doing business with him again.

IMO, you have performed adequate due diligence, but you came up against PayPal's policy of not covering airguns. This is why I never buy airguns through PayPal. And no one has anything to worry about with me when buying AGs through PayPal, because my policy is to simply refund the money if asked.

The messed-up thing about the package deal in issue is that $1,800 for what FastEddie was selling, even with the alleged defects, sounds fair. The issue is in the alleged misrepresention. If there were defects, FastEddie had a duty to disclose them. I have to be on Fukochan's side on this one.