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I have the same gun and bought the 1/2×20 adapter from DonnyFL and the .25 cal Tatsu which is the shortest, most compact moderator he offers. It works really well, but it adds length to the gun (won't fit in the case with it on), and causes a bit of barrel droop, thus affecting POI, but accuracy is unaffected.

Airfective Tuning out of the UK built a fixed shroud/moderator combo out of carbon fiber for the Crown if you're interested.

I haven't seen any dB reports/results comparing this shroud to the original or compared to just adding on an aftermarket moderator.

A test I have yet to see is what is the change in accuracy at 100 yards, if any, with the stock shroud extended vs shroud collapsed with a moderator attached. Someone had done an accuracy test on this site with the shroud extended vs collapsed, and the collapsed shroud gave better groups at 100 yards but no significant noticeable difference at 50 yards. I believe that it all has to do with barrel harmonics.

I've opted to shoot my Crown with just extending the shroud when I need it quiet since I almost exclusively hunt within 50 yards and skipping            the moderator.

do they ship to us  looks like they don't  ?