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Sure enough, the postman dropped off my moderator this afternoon. He was actually a bit early. When I got the box open, it was exactly the same as the pictures I posted. Once unwrapped, it slid snugly along the barrel until the muzzle was seated solidly against the stop in the mod body.. A single grub screw is used to fix it to the shroud. Easy on, easy off. It's just too smokey to do any serious shooting today, but I could not resist the temptation to launch a few down my backyard range. WoW! Kids, this thing works!!. Easily quiet enough to actually hear the hammer strike and little more.

Problem solved! This will mean I can shoot whenever I like without annoying anyone. That means I'll shoot more, maybe learn more. I love it.

Kudo's to Ken and the folks at RAW for their help. Ken, especially, took the time to discuss my needs and see me through to a solution. Much appreciated. And yeah, it does look cool :)