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Sorry for my delay.

Finally the cat which birth her kitty near my target moved and tonight I could shoot again.

I had seen Matt, Ted and Steve's videos. They all worthy to watch but I didn't fallow they're suggestion. But when Ted said found the regulator pressure that has the lowest noise, also Matt said you can push the pellet all the way through the barrel or let it fly end of the barrel ringed my bells.

Here is something that happened to my impact:

1: regulator pressure 140 bar and speed of pellet (JSB18) 302 m/s (991 fps – 54J).I cleaned the barrel but not what I had too and changed some O-rings plus using silicon grease for lubricant. Almost all of the pellet were fliers.

2: I decreased hammer tension and speed fall down to 280 m/s (918fps – 46J – JSB 18). The group become tight and I could hit 5cm target at 150 meters time after time with out miss. But My 18 JSB finished. My Bobcat shoot very well at this speed.

3: I used sovereign 15.89 pellet which made buy JSB for Daystate. I shoot them with my Bobcat at the speed of 303 m/s (994fps) and they flied nicely to the target, but in my impact they were awful.

4: I decreased hammer tension and reduce the speed to 280m/s (918fps) and they become better but not that much so I reduce the speed again to 270m/s (886fps) and fliers become less.

5: It didn't satisfied me and I cleaned barrel as I should to also turned down regulator pressure to 115 bar and start shooting again. Group become better at the speed of 268m/s (879fps) but I could feel . Hammer spring was almost opened and I found my power wheel won't work anymore (I used hammer screw in order to reduce power). So I readjust it for min power 260m/s (853fps) and max power shoot pellet around 285m/s (935fps) again power wheel back to business. Every thing seems to be fine till my chronograph showed my first shoot speed is low and then it increase till 3 pellets. So I found something is wrong.

6: I had too clues first I used silicone grease to lubricant some part and I thought maybe some of the grease stick to the hammer and it lose it's constancy, second I see dark dust on the hammer and I thought maybe it won't let hammer to move's like it should be. So I used Marshal dry lubricant which is made for hardware but it vaporized shortly. So I didn't need to open it only spray it from the power wheel.

Also I reviewed all the videos in youtube again and again. Until Matt said you can accelerate pellet all they way in the barrel with a valve opening longer or let pellet flies down the barrel and close the valve sooner. Plus I found when my hammer spring is tighter my speed is more consistence only one shoot needed to it back to it's normal speed. So I changed regulator pressure to 145 bar and my speed is 230m/s (755fps)  for low power and 308m/s (1010fps) for high power. Tonight I had the opportunity to shoot downrange again. at the speed of 255m/s (837fps) it's so consistence. At the lowest power in door shooting it didn't woke up my wife slept in bedroom.


Now I'm pleased. I have done 50% of the work that took two years of having PCPs and collect all information I could until I could do something for this gun. I like do 100% of the work but I'm afraid of destroy some parts and I could't fix it here so the gun become to a trash. Also I bought gun oil instead of using WD40 for cleaning barrel but alcohol remain in it's position. I will do something in future when well made JSB18 is in my hand.

Thanks everyone for helping me overcome this problem.