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Ok I typed out a whole long essay and then my tablet puked and I lost it all so let me try again.  Try shooting with tinted lenses.  It willallow your pupils to enlarge thereby giving more light and better sight picture.  Try shooting with both eyes open (difficult to learn to do)as it will relieve some eye muscle strain.  Try tunmelling your vision path (a curled baseball hat brim or even side shade on your shooting glasses).  Eyeglass wearer?  Try shooting with and without glasses (if possible).  Watch out for bi and tri focals if you wear them.  The transition usually falls right wear you want to look and can really strain a squinting eye.  Also go in a get and eye exam.  Make sure there are no underlying issues.  Try to avoid csffine before shooting as this dialates the eyes and that doesn't help with eye strain.  There are some simple eye muscle massage you can do before and after (basically temple circles).  I also found that sometimes simply closing your eyes for 30 seconds to a minute will give them a nice relaxing break.