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I own 3 NIghtforce fixed 36X scopes. These range find perfect and clarity optics are great. These are no longer sold but a want to buy add may work. It so not a side wheel. Factory yardage markings are accurate. I think Leupold fixed similar power scopes are just as good.

My other scope is a Schmidt and Bender 10-50 side wheel. Mine is the first generation and is very temperature sensitive. However this is not a big problem because I bought an adjustable pointer from the UK my Maestro. I cam calibrate the yardage for the current temperature.

March scopes are prolly the best and the price is high, so is Schmidt and Bender, but I got mine for $1500 used.

The Krale with focus wheel mounted on top is used by one guys. I don't have any experience with this scope buy I'm pretty sure users are satisfied.