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Hi Rob.

I got a HUMA reg down to a very consistent 72-73 as measured by a reg tester over and over again….  but chrony results were awful. I was discussing offline with someone and the VS vs TP was were we kept the conversation, there is no room for a meaningfully 'shorter' plenum spacer without covering the vent hole but could take up some of the volume.  These are so easy to get apart I just took it back up to 19 FPE with about 100bar from the reg  890-915 FPS with 10.34s Not the flattest spread but I cant really see the diff on target.  I'll have to think about more tinkering VS trying to get FX and one of the retailers to work together to get me a UK spec MKII but I'll wait a bit.

I know  few care about 10-12 fpe in guns like these but that power level makes a very sedate backyard plinker which is really all I do. l'll update this if I ever make any progress.