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First question is what is your goal with tuning? More accuracy or more power?

I believe the FX Crown manual states that 150 bar is about the limit on the reg. If you're already shooting those 44 grain pellets at 880 fps, that's right in the sweet spot for those pellets. I have a Matador R5 .30 and I'm able to adjust the velocity of the pellet with the HST up to around 900 fps, but ultimately I'd recommend you leave the reg at 150 and just play with the HST settings to find what FPS your gun likes for best accuracy.

I have a Crown in .25 and thought of increasing my reg a bit to be able to shoot MK II's as well but so far I'm happy with the accuracy I get out of the box with the stock settings with the JSB 25.4g pellets. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.