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First morning with the Talon Tach .25.  Upper left is JSB 25 grs, upper right is JSB 33's, center is with the 25's and lower right is with the 33's again.  All 4 of these targets are with 2 clips each so 18 shots.  Distance is just over 50 yds. This is in my backyard and was dead calm.  I have not touched the settings.  It is box stock from the dealer.  I have the Sumo on and it is very quiet.  The hammer strike is louder than the air.  

The lower left is the neighbors wife and her 13 yr old son.  Its amazing to me that he is thirteen and has never had a gun in his hand. He had a good time and really got into the whole thing about shooting and accuracy.  I put up targets just for him and to shoot.  I got out my 1077 and let him shoot all he wanted.