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Back 2 1/2 yrs, I was shopping for my 1st bullpup.  I narrowed down my choices between the Vulcan, Cricket, & Wildcat.

I called Charlie and left him a message during the day.  Later that evening, 7pm PST, he called me back.  We chatted about the Vulcan & Cricket in great detail.  We talked for a good 20 mins, I was ready to buy…  however, he was leaving for vacation and I didn't want to wait.  

I ended up with the Wildcat.  Picked it up from Randy @ R&L (another standup guy!).  Talked to him late on a Wednesday and Friday evening, I had the Cat in hand.  FedEx, free ship!  What a surprise that was!!!

Some really cool AG guys out there…  and Charlie is definitely one of them!