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I had a gen 1 inpact and I was told that inpact x was the same but I found out later they are not the same the x has beefy uped rings and a better twist so I sold my gen 1 and was happy to get the new inpact x and I can say it is a better gun so. Don't try and put a set of new hub caps and tires on old car sale it and get the new one you will get a better gun and all the good stuff that come with it by the way I sold my gen 1 inpact for 1,500 so for $500 more I got 700mm barrel and for $109 more a slug liner. It's still cheaper then golf guys!!. John

Even spending $2000 on an Impact or Crown is cheaper than a whole lot 'o hobbies.  Shooting is just darned expensive.  My sons shoot larger calibers, at about $1.50 per round.  Reloading gets it down to $.80 per round.  One friend had a .50 Barrett and with reloading it was about $6 per round, and since it was full auto, with a 10 round mag, could be $60 each time he pulled the trigger, and the gun wasn't cheap either.  He sold that for a .338 Lapua, and with reloading, it's only $5 per round, and being a single shot, much less expensive to shoot.  Oh, and the gun cost way more than my Impact.

Even with high end guns, that seem to cost an arm and leg (Maybe two arms), considering how expensive shooting is as a hobby, it's one of the cheaper forms.  

As for FX offering upgrades in every conceivable configuration, I knew what I was buying when I bought the gun.  FX was under no obligation to offer any upgrade at any time.  I'm just happy that they offered the standard barrel upgrade kit (no probe or shroud or can) for $270.  Mine is on the way. I've gotten good use out of the gun with the old smooth twist, and expect to get more use and accuracy out of the new X barrel, though only standard length.  

I'm happy with where it's going at the moment.  Someday, if I ever get enough $$ together, I might buy the latest and greatest next time around.  To be honest, I usually stay one generation off bleeding edge unless there's a darned good reason.  Adding an X barrel to an existing Impact doesn't bother me much because any other improvements are so incremental, the won't bother me.  The Gen 1 is an incredible gun, while Gen 2 has some improvements, I'll settle for a Gen 1.5