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Round Two with the Marauder tonight.  3000 psi down to 1450 psi, 90 shots.  Again, the first 80 were very consistent in their respective POIs while the last 10 started to wander just a bit at 25 meters.  Crosman pellets at 7.4 gr and 7.9 gr did not do all that well when compared to the single ragged hole I got with H&N's 9.57 gr Baracuda Hunter pellets.  I'll do more testing with the Crosman 10.6 gr domed pellets in the brown box as well as H&N's Baracuda at 10.65 gr.  Hoping to find out if the hardness of the Crosman pellets is a problem for the choked barrel as opposed to the pure lead of the H&Ns; it may just be a matter of pellet weight and the way I've got the gun set up right now.

So many possibilities and time is at a premium these days.  Thank the Good Lord for quiet airguns and a backyard in which to shoot.